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Hinged Patio Door

Perhaps one word best describes our hinged patio doors: elegant. Traditional in design, their two operating glass panels are hinged on the sides and swing inward or outward from the center. Patio doors hinged between the glass panels, also known as French doors, feature one stationary panel and one operating panel that swings open from hinges along the center stile.

Contemporary Collection
Hinged Patio Door

Minimalist design meets exceptional engineering. Precise, contemporary handles complement the clean lines of the panels. Square interior profiles extend the modern aesthetic, allow...Learn More

Premium Series
Hinged Patio Door

Open your home to the great outdoors and get swept away by our Premium Series hinged patio door. With its traditional styling and French door operation, it embellishes entrances wi...Learn More

Premium Coastal
Hinged Patio Door

Our hinged patio door is the ideal transition between the beauty outside and beauty within. Open it and let daylight and fresh air flow freely. Close it and enjoy the sleek appeara...Learn More

Signature Series
Hinged Patio Door

Make your grand entrance with the Signature Series hinged patio door. Clean architectural lines and classic French operation contribute to the traditional design and welcome in an ...Learn More

Weather Shield All Wood
Hinged Patio Door

Weather Shield all-wood hinged patio doors allow you the flexibility to open up your space in variety of ways. Door configurations available include inswing or outswing, single pan...Learn More
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